Endorsed Midwives in Australia
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Welcome to the Australian directory of Endorsed (formerly eligible) Midwives. We hope that this website will help you to locate an Endorsed Midwife in your local area.  Endorsed Midwives provide Medicare-funded care and may order tests and ultrasounds relating to pregnancy, birth and the newborn period, prescribe medications and refer women and babies to obstetricians and paediatricians as needed.  Endorsed Midwives offer continuity of care, which means you get to have the same midwife caring for you from early in your pregnancy, through birth and into the first few weeks with your newest family member.  Endorsed midwives may have access to hospitals to admit women for birth, in the same way that women can be admitted under the care of a private obstetrician.  Each midwife provides slightly different services, so it's always best to ask your midwife about the services s/he offers.  This directory will assist you to find a local endorsed midwife.  Read more about endorsed midwives here.